Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fuckability Buffer

And how I'd like to buff this!!

You've been warned.

Don't blame me.

You asked for it.

Blood-thirsty baby ducklings...the whole lot of ya!

Here's your Fuckability Factor. Enjoy it. You'll never want to have sex again after this. Yes, I'm a pig. Deal with it.


Ella said...

Why do i not know who this is?

Mary said...

I don't know who he is, either. I just saw him and went, "Oooo so PRETTY!"

CutNJump said...

WHo cares who he is.

I agree with Mary!

I'd like to buff that...

Maybe I'll paste that as my new desktop. Mmmmmmmm. eye candy...

*runs off to wipe drool out of the keyboard*

Ella said...

ha ok, i concede defeat. I will just continue drooling.

Amaocha said...

I will quote my girlfriend by saying "When you see something like this, don't ask for his name, because he might notice the drool"
*Proceeds in enjoying the eye candy*

CutNJump said...

Amaocha- I prefer the line out of City Slickers I believe it was. Billy Crystals character asks Curly (Jack Palance) if he had ever been in love.

He tells of a woman he seen out working in the field, beautiful, wearing a long cotton dress, the way the sun hits just right, her hair... blah, blah, blah.

BC asks "Then what, did you go talk to her?"

"No I turned and rode away so nothing could spoil my image of her."

Yep. Kinda like that.

Best to just keep that perfect image in your mind and not let them talk. They will surely, only ruin it.

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