Saturday, October 4, 2008

And IIIiiiIIIiii Will Always Love YoooOOOuuuUUUU

Do you like my teddies? My likes i have many the best is to try to get your winks, if you like my red outfit. I can be talked into others. I plan to be the best gal to the best guy. I can give special candlelite dinners so I can feed him special fruits and Kbobs with chilled cider with fancy glasses with ribbons with music and slow dances in front of the electric fireplace ( LOL ) Guy must have picture knows how to dress, looks help and knows how to treat a lady. No boss and no luggage. has to want a new begging no secrets and other loves.would like him to have nice teeth. Now you know this woman what she is about. don't you really think the woman you have pictured that you will seek is her after all. this is my story and i am sticking to it!!!

I wonder if Santa Claus knows his wife is stepping out on him? I’m sure he’s far too busy playing with all the little men running around his waist. However, I hear Dancer is mighty peeved that his Twoo Luv is surfing the net trying to find someone else to touch her “teddies”. He’s a jealous little fucker.

As with most ads, she lists her requirements needed in a mate. Ironically enough, she has the nerve to say that the guy who courts her (I’m sorry dude!) must “know how to dress.” This coming from a woman that is still sporting a Bee-Hive and wearing an outfit created for 19 year old porn stars.

I could easy copy FHOTDs posting about market research and offering a product within it’s range. The same goes for todays collection of Drag Queens. If you’re looking to find a date in San Fransico, you will hit the Mother Load. If you’re looking to attract a down-home farmer, too late, he has his pigs already. There’s no need for you.


Ella said...

I like how she specifies that he has to have nice teeth. The only people that would respond to this ad are the type that have a toilet on their porch with a beer and no tp.

Tribblehappy said...

Wow. The spelling and grammar in that add were painful enough, without having to choke on the actual CONTENT. My eyes are bleeding...

CutNJump said...

Sadly enough if she were to add the white streak in her hair and shed about 80 lbs (but not off the boobs) she could look like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, or Bride of Frankenstein.

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