Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You deserve it

Before scanning to the following post, I want to give you an image to make you less likely to hunt me down and hog tie me so you can pour hot wax on me then throw me into the growing snow bank just outside of my bedroom window. As wonderful as it sounds, I don't think being turned into a Mary Statue is something the world is ready for just yet.


Since the last dude went over about as well as the Governor of Chicago's recent bright idea for a retirement plan, here is a new fuckability factor!

Am I forgiven?

As a direct result of the comments this post has gotten, I surrender. Here is your damn hairy man! NOW GET OFF MY ASS! ~snicker~

As the old saying goes, be careful of what you ask for! You just might get it!

Okay, okay, here, stop crying...


CutNJump said...

Silly as it sounds, I would be happy just lying next to him. Then it wouldn't matter how good he is or isn't at using his equipment.

Is that sad or what?

Eccentric_Lady said...

Gah, sorry to say this but he doesn't do anything for me. Too smooth of a chest - gotta have some hair.

Tribblehappy said...

He's pretty, but his armpits appear shaved. EWW.

If he didn't wax and/or shave I'd take him in a ragged fashion ;)

Calantha said...

Not really doing much for me, although I always appreciate a nice body on a guy.

RebelJubilee said...

well, it looks like the women around here appreciate a little body hair on a guy. I bet you all appreciated
That hairy monster from Weasel's post more that mr smooth chest from yesterday

I think Mr cowboy has just as little body hair, but at least he's got ragged jeans and a hat to make up for it.

Still fuckable

CutNJump said...

Sorry, but #2 needs a fight with a weed whacker. One he WILL lose.

#2 seems to have boobs. Ok Moobs. Sorta like mine only with hair. His are far more perky and don't sag. They could probably fit into a C cup.

I am jealous...

Calantha said...

The minute I scrolled down to #2, my mini schnauzer tried to attack the monitor. I guess all the hair reminded her of the squirrels she likes to chase.

OK in order of drool-worthyness, IMHO:


Thingsthatperplexme said...

ok, some of these guys are a bit young for even my taste, but jesus god almighty..

O.o I will take him!

so far, it's all safe for work:

RebelJubilee said...

#3 is definitely drool worthy

Number of people who have visited WMHW when they should be working: